Developer and investment company D O A S a.s. – the investor of the VisionPark project


D O A S a.s. has been on the property market since 1994. Dealing with investment, building and administration of own apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial areas and many other projects, it always takes into account the attractive location with added value for the customer. The company D O A S. a.s. looks to the future. Each project signed by this developer company is a soulful, confident and sustainable investment.

1. What can VisionPark offer to its customers?
VisionPark is prepared for its customers. A wide range of customers requires an individual approach. Our aim is to make dreams come true and to implement our customers’ visions. When they are the first in the premises, they’ll be given a lot of tailor-made benefits.

2. VisionPark is not a traditional logistic park. What is the secret of its uniqueness?
The uniqueness perceived by us, investors, is in the preparation and possible extension of technologies which can be called green or with zero carbon footprint. The technologies can produce energy necessary for the operation of the park itself, by this means the dependence on external suppliers is reduced and the park will be self-sufficient. What to do with surplus energy is a legislative issue.

3. The trend of environmental awareness is slowly getting into all areas with technical focus. How can the new ecological concept influence the future of logistic parks?
Since the concept will be independent, the influence can take more directions. The aim is to show to cities that the era of heavy industry imposing burden on the environment is long gone. We want to bring logistics closer to people and allow it to become a natural part of their peaceful life without being disturbed either by noise, transport or visual pollution.

4. The concept of the VisionPark project cares mainly about sustainability which is timeless. Do you think it is possible to keep the idea of sustainability in the era of consumerism in which the humanity has lived practically since the industrial revolution? Does it challenge you to escape from this vicious circle or the exact opposite? Do you consider VisionPark a common project that is automatically moving with the times?
Sustainability as a new dimension of architectonic and urban perception has its own place in this century. Building materials are found in nature and are degradable and also recycled products with longer life are used. Technologies will be repaired more easily on the spot. The European Union legislation and customers’ needs are heading to it as well. We should protect our planet and leave it in good condition for future generations. With the VisionPark project we want to show how nature is protected in the life span of this property.

5. Do you think that practicing sustainability with respect to environment can directly inspire the customers or partners of VisionPark in the field of ecology? Isn’t the vision of the whole project based on the process of creating a “green society”? After all, not only you and your customers but especially the environment can benefit a lot from this approach. Have you ever thought of the concept of VisionPark in this way?
Nowadays, our customers from Western Europe already require green energy sources in their rental conditions. They appreciate this possibility and rent premises only where their condition is fulfilled. It is a matter of time when the awareness of our Slovak customers increases enough to be able to look at this issue in the same way. The result is not energy that is much cheaper, but rather a good feeling that something has been done for nature. Well, we all like sci-fi movies, robotization, design and also functionality, so why wouldn’t we move it further.

6. Why is sustainability important when building logistic parks?
It’s because the customer wants to feel good. A cheap building gets older in 4–5 years, the sustainable one in around 50. We want the customer to stay at our premises as long as possible. Step by step, we will build all our buildings including VisionParks like this.

7. What percentage of buildings in Slovakia is built using sustainable methods?
There are around 40% of those that lasted for more than 50 years. Modern buildings are built for short time and out of them maybe 5 to 10% is sustainable. However, it should be at least 70%.

8. How do customers perceive ecology in developer projects?
It is more dominant in Western Europe than in our country. Customers like uniqueness and they rather pay extra for this possibility. It is later reflected in more convenient operating costs after using the property longer. It also creates a good feeling that they operate in premises which have independent, if not passive or zero energy efficiency.