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VisionPark SC currently offers its customers tailor-made premises measuring 3,340 m2 in one warehouse building. The area shall be further developed in the near future.

Green energy is preferably used for operation of the area.

  • Flexible tailor-made premises from 835 m2 to 3,340 m2
  • Sprinkler system
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Infra-heating or heating blowers
  • Column grid structure: 24 x 12 m
  • Warehouse storage height: 10 m
  • Excellent location for customers

The main logistic functions of the project allow for goods storage as well as small, noiseless production. The park is appropriate for logistics, retail units, e-commerce, light manufacturing and customer service.

The area is accessible to long-distance transport trucks. There is of course an access for small and middle-sized lorries providing local and regional service. The area offers an excellent location for customers and is easily accessible from all directions.

Network capacity is without limitations.
Current maximum input power of electricity in the area is 145 kW. It will be supported by green energy production as well. Heating is based on gas-fired boiler rooms and heat pumps will be used if necessary.

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Hall A

number of warehouse buildings: 2


The location of the logistic area is convenient from the commercial, transport as well as geographic point of view. The area is situated in cadastre unit Senec – South. Plots are located in the built-up area of town. The terrain is flat and surrounded by existing industrial buildings. The suburban zone is situated in the built-up area of town Senec, cadastre unit Senec. From the west, the zone is bounded by a road within the area which is connected to Nitrianska street. The entrance to the area is through a gate.

VisionPark SC area


The transport connection of the logistic park is to the D1 motorway city bypass or in the direction Galanta, road I/62. The park is a part of the historical, yet natural industrial zone of Senec – South. The transport connection of warehouse hall is to the existing road within the area that is connected to Nitrianska street.

Bratislava 15 min / 20 km
Trnava 20 min / 25 km
Nitra 35 min / 68 km

Use this unique opportunity to work in an ecological logistic park