VisionPark Bratislava and Senec

we cross the threshold of industrial stereotype

vision is the first step to better future.

The VisionPark project combines the concept of ecology, sustainability, but mainly healthy and “green” future. Logistic parks are mostly a thorn in the side of the local community, since they do not correspond to the surroundings aesthetically. VisionPark wants to cross the threshold of industrial stereotype and enter the era of green logistic parks which do not serve the investors only but also help fulfill the aims of customers and employees.

The vision of VisionPark is clear–to create a prosperous community under one roof that, by means of their own activity, improves the state of surroundings and the environment. Without it, there is no point in any vision. At the same time, the idea is to be an inspiration for reconstruction of other parks that are considerably time-worn and out-dated today.

we breathe easier thanks to sustainabi­lity

Healthy future of our planet, business, and also society lies in sustainability.

It is easy to demolish buildings, but only the best are able to keep them alive. Modern buildings are built for a very short period of time. Nowadays, only 5-10 % of buildings meet the standard of sustainability.

A logistic park is a simple industrial building by its very nature. Using modern methods, it can be improved anytime so that it is as good as new for the customers. For Vision Park customer satisfaction is important. On the other hand, it does not forget the sustainability of the environment thanks to which we breathe and live more easily.

ecological concept as a matter of course

Ecological concept of construction projects should be a matter of course these days.

The aim of VisionPark is both the implementation of ecological projects itself and the environmental education. Not only living creatures, but for example also a big industrial organism such as logistic park is provided with the necessary energy from the Sun. You just need to know how and have the needed technology.

In VisionPark, the solar energy from solar panels is later used at the actual time of consumption. Rainwater is used in the same way. We also want to use wind that can help achieve energy self-sufficiency. An appropriate combination of these technologies will bring the carbon footprint in the park closer to 0.

Logistic parks do not have to be just visual pollution anymore.

Creation of healthy business environment with ecological dimension makes VisionPark unique. We connect advanced technologies with the green vision and together with our customers we change the stereotype of the grey industrial environment.

  • A great location within the city
  • Division into smaller units for rent
  • An experienced investor in the field of building construction and real estate management
  • Advanced technologies
  • Low operating costs
  • A new building, everything tailor-made for the customer
  • We learn together with you, we will improve what is technically possible
VisionPark BA

Bratislava Žabí Majer

flexible premises:
od 817 m2 do 8000 m2

number of warehouse buildings:
3 – A / B / C
C: completion 2030

The project was completed 9/2023

VisionPark BA offers its customers tailor-made premises measuring 16,545 m2. The premises are located in three warehouse buildings together with the administration offices concerned.

VisionPark SC

Industrial zone Senec Juh

flexible premises:
od 1281 m2 do 1587 m2

number of warehouse buildings:
1 – A

The expected project completion date: 2023

VisionPark SC currently offers its customers tailor-made premises measuring 3,340 m2 in one warehouse building. The area shall be further developed in the near future.